Design a visual tool to aid Project PAVE in educating about and ending the cycle of relationship violence.
Project Purpose:  Versatility  |  Educate, Explain Impact, Set Vision, & Call to Action
The Challenge
The organization needed a visual tool to educate about the organization's services and programs, while also providing impact statistics, vision for future work, and a call to participate or give financially. 
Also the organization wanted to be able to pull individual elements from the design for other promotional or fundraising purposes. 
The Process
1. Information Gathering & Market Research
2. Document Type, Material, & Pricing Decisions
3. Vision Sketches, Idea Gathering, & Asset Collection
4. Iterations of Design
5. Documents Set Up for Print and Digital Formats
6. Final Product Delivered
Information Gathering & Market Research
Document Type, Material, & Pricing
8.5 x 11, matte 70lb text weight paper, unfolded, 4-color/4-color, 4-color process printing
Various Digital Formats for Social Media, Website, and Video needs
Vision, Ideas, & Assets
Final Designs & Files
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